Additional games for #Feminism

To celebrate the reprinting of #Feminism, we’ve commissioned a PDF of six new feminist nanogames. These are:

  • Cake, by Autumn Winters. A group of business women attend a business meeting fraught with power dynamics. There will be cake.
  • Bedroom, by Caitlynn Belle. Two friends – a cis woman and a trans woman – have sex for the first time.
  • HUGPUNX Live, by Alex Roberts. A game about hugging and consensual touch.
  • Möbius, by Strix Beltrán. Three women and long time friends help each other through their very different stages of marriage.
  • Slumber Party, by Jonaya Kemper. A larp about the bonds of friendship, growing up, and living with marginalized identities. Who are you now, and who will you become with the help of your friends?
  • Eatistry, by Wendy Gorman and Heather Silsbee. A synchronized eating competition with commentary.

If you’ve already purchased #Feminism, you can download these additional games now from your Pelgrane Press bookshelf. (You will need to register here first if you haven’t already.) If you got your copy of #Feminism at a convention or in a store, please email us with proof of purchase and we’ll make sure you get your PDF.

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2 comments on “Additional games for #Feminism
  1. Iris Sancho Sanz says:


    I´ve been playing #feminism since April last year and I have enjoyed much, I ppurchased the pdf through drivethru, and I would like to contact you for this but I´m having problems with the outlook thing. There is someway I can find your email to contact you directly?

    Many thanks!

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