In the shadow of empires, an epic saga of ambition and desire!

With the Hillfolk roleplaying game, 5-8 players weave an epic, ongoing Iron Age saga of high-stakes interpersonal conflict that grows richer with every session. The DramaSystem rules provide you with a simple storytelling framework that brings your creativity to the fore and keeps a surprising, emotionally compelling narrative constantly on the move.

As you build your story, it molds and shapes Hillfolk into something unique. Do you entangle yourself with your wealthy cousins to the north? Do you battle the fearsome sea people to the west? Or do you conquer the scattered badlands tribes to forge a new empire of your own?

The game also includes 30 more settings, where you can engage in witty banter and deadly duels in 18th century London; be part of the team that makes first contact with aliens; find romance and danger in the secret world of supernatural monsters; and much more. From backwoods Cthulhu cult family drama to ninjas, pirates, and a steampunk Old West, Hillfolk offers years of play value.

To play Hillfolk, all you need is:

  • one deck of ordinary playing cards
  • a supply of poker chips or beads
  • 1 red, 1 green, and 1 yellow token per participant
  • about a dozen tokens of a fourth color (usually blue)
  • as many index cards as you have players
  • writing utensils
  • scrap paper
  • time to weave an epic story


  • Publication date: 1 August 2013
  • ISBN: 978-1-908983-47-3
  • 240 page hardback
  • Created by Robin D. Laws
  • Design and layout by Christian Knutsson

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