Looking at the world through a feminist lens reveals absurd, tragic, and fascinating situations.

Written by feminists from eleven different countries, #Feminism offers bite-sized takes on contemporary feminist issues. Each of the 34 nano-games in this collection requires between three and five participants, simple (if any) props, and up to an hour of play time.

The games range from silly to serious, including scenarios about selfies and rom-coms as well as reproductive rights and domestic violence. And of course, enjoyment has no ideological boundaries— there are games here for participants new to feminism as well as those experienced in making gender arguments on the internet.

You can read more about the games here, find #Feminism downloads and articles here, and download a preview here.

#Feminism – A Nano-Game Anthology

  • Publication date: 1 May 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-908983-74-9
  • 96 page paperback
  • Edited by Misha Bushyager, Lizzie Stark, and Anna Westerling
  • Design and layout by Shuo Meng

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